Welcome to Saver Waya Waya WageWise

We’re glad you’re here. So what will you get out of this?

The ASISA Foundation’s Saver Waya Waya WageWise Programme is a financial literacy programme, targeted specifically at workers. We hope to address the range of financial literacy concerns, you as workers, have to deal with.

The programme aims to enhance your ability to increase and protect your wealth, and to assist you with managing your debt.

We have been going since 2015 and we are proud to say we get a lot of positive feedback from our participants. We hope you will have the same experience.

WageWise is largely funded by the Sanlam Foundation and the programme owner is the ASISA Foundation.

Saver Waya Waya WageWise is a financial literacy initiative of the ASISA Foundation. The WageWise website was largely funded by the Sanlam Foundation.