Financial Planning

It’s hard to make and stick to a money plan because often it’s derailed by other people or events in your life.

Planning how to use your money effectively so that it can grow is already difficult and it can be even more complicated when you have to consider your family’s different needs at different stages in your life.

Life stages include:

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: You landed your first job and are earning every month.
YOUNG LOVE STAGE: You just found and committed yourself to the perfect partner.
YOUNG FAMILY STAGE: You and your perfect partner have small children and need a bigger house.
MATURE FAMILY STAGE: Your teenagers need tertiary education and your car needs replacing.
RETIREMENT STAGE: You’ve stopped working but you haven’t stopped living.

So how do you know when to shift your financial plan? You ask an expert.

No, we don’t mean your uncle Jack who always seems to have ready cash and a flash car

We also don’t mean asking Google

Or Alexa, Or Siri

We are talking about getting advice from a registered financial adviser or planner.

Saver Waya Waya WageWise is a financial literacy initiative of the ASISA Foundation. The WageWise website was largely funded by the Sanlam Foundation.